Students' visit to the office of "The Daily Prothom Alo"/ Student's experience with “The Daily Prothom Alo”

The students from the Department of Business Administration (Major in Marketing), Central Women's University, visited the office of "The Daily Prothom Alo" on March 25, 2018 and interviewed Mr. A B M Jabed Sultan, Deputy Manager (Brand Communications) and his team members as part of the requirement of the course “Services Marketing” taught by Asif-Un-Nahar, Assistant Professor (CWU). The objective of this visit was firstly, to find out the responsibilities of the brand and sales manager in performing his duties and secondly, to gather knowledge about the methods by which the marketing department of a Newspaper, focuses on the issues of Services Branding, Service Positioning and Pricing, prepares Sales and Marketing Strategies, organizes Branding Campaigns, conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, On-line Promotional Activities and so on. Mr. Jabed appreciated the students for their challenging mindsets and wished them luck to build their future career. They were also delighted to meet Mr. Anisul Hoque, the renowned novelist.