Central Women's University is going to launch “Center for Advanced Research at Central Women's University” very soon. The purpose of the center is to promote academic research and publish academic journals in the field of humanities ans Social Sciences, business and economics relating to women and gender. It will provide financial support to the faculty members in conducting research study.


The Center will publish working papers, occasional papers and annual research abstracts of faculty members of the university not only to disseminate and share knowledge, but also to create a strong intellectual bond and network among faculty members of the university and the outside academic world. It will also publish journals on humanities and culture, global business, marketing and sustainable development of the contemporary world.

Seminars, Symposiums and Public Lectures

The Center will play a leading role in organizing seminars, symposiums and public lectures on contemporary or any other issues in order to draw the interest of researchers.

Training Program

To facilitate and disseminate knowledge, and encourage research in the field of women and gender, the Center will organize training programs, seminars, symposiums or workshops on research methodology which will benefit and enhance the research capabilities of potential researchers.

Consulting and Policy Research

The Center will be open to the idea of carrying out applied and policy research in the mentioned areas as consultants.