Department of English Language-Literature

We offer the following degrees:
BA in English Language-Literature
MA in English Language-Literature (1 year)
MA in English Language-Literature (2 years)

Our four-year BA program is designed to equip students with the ability to use the English language for scholarly and practical purposes. It makes a balanced combination of literature studies and applied linguistics and acquaints students with British, American, and world literatures written in English as well as some basic concepts of linguistics and language teaching.

To keep up with new developments we constantly upgrade our syllabi and curricula. We offer a number of compulsory courses to the students of all Departments of the University.

Our teaching strategies help students promote and sharpen their communication, writing and critical thinking skills. The main mission of the department is to prepare life-long learners who are resilient, versatile, and capable of pursuing any career while responding to the changing forces of the marketplace. In addition to the responsibility of teaching English the department, as a liberal arts discipline, has the mission to foster humanist values, sensibility and ethics in all students.

The Department plays a key role in the University’s academic life. Comprising of both, experienced and young faculty members, the department offers excellent teaching and research atmosphere in literature studies. The teachers are committed to ensuring that students develop a range of transferable skills that will equip them for various works.

Academic Life
Students can choose from a diverse range of courses. The department organizes international conferences and seminars, which provide the faculty and students a supportive forum for research and to exchange and develop ideas. It has a seminar and a well-stocked library. It guides the English Conversation Club and Drama Club, which organize a full-range of co-academic and social events. We have designed our courses keeping the employers’ needs in mind.

Curriculum objectives

  • To produce graduates who can thrive in professions like publishing, journalism, teaching and advertising.
  • To prepare students for other specialized career paths ranging from education or management to speech recognition technologies.
  • To enable students to design and asses English language tests of different types and levels efficiently.
  • To develop well-rounded communication skills in English for success in professions nationally and internationally.

Program Structure
To complete the BA in English degree a student has to successfully complete at least 126 credits. Courses mainly range from the areas: (1) General Education (2) Literature (3) Applied Linguistics, and (4) English Language Teaching. Students must complete 8 GED courses and 33 core courses. In addition, the department offers two optional GED courses entitled Bengali Reading and Composition Skills and Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture. Students may take these courses but the credits of the courses are not included in the required 126 credits.
The department requires completion of a minimum of 36 credits of course work in one of the two disciplines: Literature and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). After completion of 30 credits students will need to write a thesis of 6 credits or opt for doing two additional 600 level courses.